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Database Terminology (II)

Data Set
- is a named collection of physical records
- includes data used for locating the records, such as indices
- May occupy one or more extents contained within one or more volumes

- Area holding a group of records that are addressed as a collective unit
- It can be a physical record or a track, but not necessarily related to the computer hardware
- It is determined by an addressing mechanism such as hashing.

What is Information
- Information is a meaningful assembly of data. It results from analysis and synthesis of data. It is the end-product of data processing. Information is primarily used in decision making. As an example ... finding the names of employees whose DoB is between 1950 and 1970

So, what is a database?
- It is an organized collection of data represented in a structured form
- It is a collection of the occurrences of multiple record types, containing the relationships between records, data aggregates, and data items
- It serves as an information pool
- A database does not have to be in a digital form. Another perspective is to understand a database as a collection of databanks

Data Bank
- It is a collection of databases

Database Management System
- Most commonly called as 'DBMS'
- It is a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access the data. here 'Access' refers to the ability to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on selected data items

Tasks involved in Managing a Database
- Add : New data to the database
- Delete : the data that's no longer needed
- Edit : the data to implement changes
- Print : the data onto formatted reports
- Search : the database for required information
- Sort : the database in some meaningful order

What are some examples of databases
- Dictionary
- Menu Card
- Telephone Directory
- Personal Address Book
- Library Catalogue
- Airline Timings Chart

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